Dancing food

I’m working on some greetings card designs. Here’s two characters that haven’t made it onto one of the designs, but I really liked the way they looked, so I thought I’d share them here. Next Monday a new Denna’s Day Out will be posted, so stay tuned for that!


Denna's Day Out 1 RGB

Well here we are. Two years ago I tried a weekly webcomic about a little girl sailing the seas in a small boat, but due to the taxing schedule, I stopped after seven weeks. Now with completely re-drawn strips, I will continue and complete Denna’s journey with monthly updates. So please join Denna the first Monday of every month for her day out! Enjoy!

Denna poster

In 2014, I attempted a webcomic, but after seven weekly updates, I stopped. Next month I will be starting it again with a monthly schedule, totally re-drawn, with a few of the old ideas and loads of totally new ones. Please check back on June 5th for the start of Denna’s Day Out!

Blue tits drawing

A work-in-progress piece I am doing for Funky Aardvark’s Sing For Songbirds exhibition.

Daft Character 48

For this Daft Character, I used a Japanese brush pen which is a great pen as you get the control of a fine liner but the line variation of a brush. I’m intrigued as to whether this pen would liven my comics up a bit, but I’m so used to using fine liners I’m not sure yet. I spent a lot longer on this DC as I kept scanning it during the creation process, so I can use it as an example in a ‘How to make Daft Characters’ section of a mini-comic I’m making.


Daft Character 47

With this Daft Character I used a dip pen I bought off of Amazon, and though it was OK to use, I didn’t use very good paper and so the ink bled. I may try to do another DC in the future using this pen.

Denna project picture

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… No, I’m not preparing for a wedding, but I am preparing something that’s both old, new, borrowed from myself of 2015 and currently blue. More info soon!

Vehicles best of

The best of the vehicles I drew over the last few months! Today marks my last scheduled blog posting, as from now I want to put more time into working on actual projects for web or print. Occasionally I’ll post a new Daft Character or some concept art, and also a monthly web comic I am planning, but it will be a lot less often. Thanks to all those that have been checking out my daily postings since last August – really appreciate it!