Denna's Day Out 3 RGB

Denna’s day out across the ocean wouldn’t be complete without meeting a mermaid! If you’re a creative type, this strip might be helpful to you. Enjoy!


Clash of the Blue Tits JPEG

Currently exhibited in Funky Aardvark gallery in the Forum shopping centre in Chester as part of Chester Zoo’s Sing For Songbirds campaign, is my piece Clash of the Blue Tits. Please go have a look at it and many other great works now on display and for sale.

Denna's Day Out 2 RGB

When originally conceiving the idea for this comic back in 2015, this was one of the first ideas I had, and I still really like it now. Most cartoon characters who live by the or on the sea find a message in a bottle, but maybe not quite like this one! Check back the first Monday of next month for the next comic.

Dancing food

I’m working on some greetings card designs. Here’s two characters that haven’t made it onto one of the designs, but I really liked the way they looked, so I thought I’d share them here. Next Monday a new Denna’s Day Out will be posted, so stay tuned for that!

Denna's Day Out 1 RGB

Well here we are. Two years ago I tried a weekly webcomic about a little girl sailing the seas in a small boat, but due to the taxing schedule, I stopped after seven weeks. Now with completely re-drawn strips, I will continue and complete Denna’s journey with monthly updates. So please join Denna the first Monday of every month for her day out! Enjoy!

Denna poster

In 2014, I attempted a webcomic, but after seven weekly updates, I stopped. Next month I will be starting it again with a monthly schedule, totally re-drawn, with a few of the old ideas and loads of totally new ones. Please check back on June 5th for the start of Denna’s Day Out!

Blue tits drawing

A work-in-progress piece I am doing for Funky Aardvark’s Sing For Songbirds exhibition.

Daft Character 48

For this Daft Character, I used a Japanese brush pen which is a great pen as you get the control of a fine liner but the line variation of a brush. I’m intrigued as to whether this pen would liven my comics up a bit, but I’m so used to using fine liners I’m not sure yet. I spent a lot longer on this DC as I kept scanning it during the creation process, so I can use it as an example in a ‘How to make Daft Characters’ section of a mini-comic I’m making.