Daft Character 48

For this Daft Character, I used a Japanese brush pen which is a great pen as you get the control of a fine liner but the line variation of a brush. I’m intrigued as to whether this pen would liven my comicsĀ up a bit, but I’m so used to using fine liners I’m not sure yet. I spent a lot longer on this DC as I kept scanning it during the creation process, so I can use it as an example in a ‘How to make Daft Characters’ section of a mini-comic I’m making.



Daft Character 47

With this Daft Character I used a dip pen I bought off of Amazon, and though it was OK to use, I didn’t use very good paper and so the ink bled. I may try to do another DC in the future using this pen.

Denna project picture

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… No, I’m not preparing for a wedding, but I am preparing something that’s both old, new, borrowed from myself of 2015 and currently blue. More info soon!

Vehicles best of

The best of the vehicles I drew over the last few months! Today marks my last scheduled blog posting, as from now I want to put more time into working on actual projects for web or print. Occasionally I’ll post a new Daft Character or some concept art, and also a monthly web comic I am planning, but it will be a lot less often. Thanks to all those that have been checking out my daily postings since last August – really appreciate it!

Logos all 11

Here are all ten logos I have drawn over the last few months. I quite enjoyed doing logos, but to begin with I found it hard to make unique ones. I found that choosing specific words or titles that I could put into a unique form was the best way. I may do some more lettering in the future if I can think of unique ones.

Vehicles 10

This is it! This week’s vehicle is the last – the bicycle. Vehicles have been really hard to do, as there can just be so many little bits and bobs and half the time I don’t even know what they are! Hopefully the time drawing these vehicles will help with drawing vehicles in my future work.

14 Coloured animal selection

Some coloured animal designs done as part of a communal project at Funky Aardvark in Chester last year – a Humbolt Penguin, an Okapi and a Naked Mole Rat.

Daft Character 46

Daft Character #46! This will be my last week of daily blogging, as I want to give more time to illustrations and designs that can look more ‘finished’, as work for various projects and an illustration portfolio. I will continue to do Daft Characters and other things, but on a less regular basis. Thanks for all who have been checking out my blog!

On this episode of The Double Barrel Show, Jamie and I discuss the Star Trek franchise and their expectations of the forthcoming tenth series of Doctor Who. Spoilers from announcements made by the BBC will be warned of in the episode, when we are about to talk about them. Enjoy!

Logos 11

Here is this week’s logo, and the final logo I will be making for the time being. This logo will be part of a slight website overhaul I will be doing over the next few weeks. I’m not entirely happy with it yet, so I expect it’ll be a little different when it is seen as my new masthead.