Facial proportions tutorial sheet

A Facial Proportions Tutorial sheet made for my primary schools Drawing Club.


Denna's Day Out 8 RGB

It took me ages to work out the script for this one, but I think in the end it turned out pretty good!

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Denna's Day Out 7 RGB

It’s quite a challenge to make bird characters look different. With humans you have so much going on in a face, but with birds all you have is eyes and a beak. In more realistic designs it would be very difficult, but in cartoons you can play around with proportions and distance of features as much as you want, which makes the job somewhat easier.

Body language

A body language sheet I made for my Making Comics after school club to help the children see how you can show emotion, attitude and reactions through someone’s body structure or stance.

Denna's Day Out 6 RGB

This is probably my most daft idea yet, it started with me imagining Denna meeting two big stone blocks in the ocean and the conversation just flowed in my mind from there…

Facial expressions

Some facial expressions made for the Making Comics after school club I run in Chester primary schools. Scott McCloud’s Making Comics book was very helpful in drawing these.

My stall

So here’s me looking way too smiley at the stall I has this weekend at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival. Whilst I didn’t sell too much, I made a lot of contacts, met some really lovely people (seriously, everyone was so nice), and got some really good guidance and advice.

Lucky Luke fan art

Publisher Cinebook had a stall at the festival and were doing an interesting trade of sorts. If you made a piece of fan art, they’d give you a free book! I drew Franco-Belgian comic character Lucky Luke who usually shoots faster than his own shadow, but as Moomins were a big thing this weekend, I drew his shadow as a Moomin instead!

All in all, a great weekend, though for some reason, it’s incredibly exhausting being at one of those shows even if you’re sitting for a lot of the day. But! Back to the drawing board!


This weekend I will have a table at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival and will be selling a comic (with some Denna’s Day Out strips, an adaptation of my short film Stairs and a how to draw section), and some Christmas cards. It’s the first time I’ve done something like this so I’m excited to see what it’s like and try to ‘get my name out there’ a little more!

MC 1b

Denna's Day Out 5 RGB

I don’t know if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a piece of driftwood, but I like to think I’ve captured the mindset one might have if you were!

Denna's Day Out 4 RGB

This might be one of the only strips where you have to have a knowledge of man-made things you might find at sea, but I think most will get it. I like the idea of strips where Denna is silent throughout but they are actually really hard to conceive and write. However this one jumped from my brain early in the conception stage and was probably the shortest to write out of all written so far!