The following are various illustrated pieces made for projects or commissions.

Front and back of flyer made for Christ Church, Chester.

2018 term card front RGB

2018 term card back RGB

Header and footer images I made for publicity for a children’s group.

Wesley Church header file RGBWesley Church footer file RGB


A piece of concept art made for a CBBC pitch of a space themed game show. These characters would be in animated segments explaining the scientific theories mentioned in the show.



Comic Strip City – a pitch I worked on for a cartoon series where each episode is split up into mini-episodes or ‘comic strips’ with individual character groups who have their own stories, but all take place in the same city and sometimes cross over with one another.

Cover pagesSlop Bucket and Co pageJill Candoit pageMrs Thyme pageThe Slipman pageFaces page

Playing cards I designed for a community art project.


Colour animal designs I drew for a community art project.

Colour Animals for web


Some images I drew for ActivePP, an organisation that helps printing companies become more efficient.


Wonder Woman – a commission.

Wonder Woman drawing for blog


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