Denna’s Day Out

No. 1 – Starting Out

Denna's Day Out 1 RGB

No. 2 – Message in a Bottle

Denna's Day Out 2 RGB

No. 3 – Creativity Reflects Life

Denna's Day Out 3 RGB

No. 4 – Bobbing About

Denna's Day Out 4 RGB

No. 5 – Driftwood Talking

Denna's Day Out 5 RGB

No. 6 – Blocking the Way

Denna's Day Out 6 RGB

No. 7 – Sailing Straight

Denna's Day Out 7 RGB

No. 8 – What’s Mine is Yours

Denna's Day Out 8 RGB

No. 9 – Wind in Her Sails

Denna's Day Out 9 RGB

No. 10 – Brian’s Breakfast

Denna's Day Out 10 RGB

New Denna’s Day Out strips will be shown the first Monday of the month on this site and at

Below is a comic story I created as part of a pitch to a weekly comic.

Rising Juggernauts 1p1 RGBRising Juggernauts 1p2 RGB




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